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It is the most ideal mouse repellent for small areas. It has a maximum effect on mice, rodents and bats. Due to its special design and modulation it can affect even the inner walls and the most secluded parts. Owing to its ultrasonic system that is not successive and its different modulations, it is the only device to which rats and rodents cannot gain immunity to. It works quietly.
Fix the device to at most 150 cm above ground and start it. From the first day that you start the device you will observe that mouse won’t enter there anymore and at the end of 4 weeks that all the rats within the area of influence of the device will have left. Pay attention to the occupancy and the headway ratios of the area. Because if the height is above 3 m the calculation is made by taking x2 of the actual space.

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Issues to pay attention to while using or ordering the device;

a) The occupancy of the area,
b) The headway of the area (If it is above 3 m calculate by x2)
c) Pay attention to how the space is used such as rooms, sections, partitioned parts totally independent from each other.

For each part or unit, a different device should be taken into account one by one.
You may observe an increase in pest activity within the first 10 days that you start using the device. This, contrary to assumptions, is evidence of the fact that the device is working properly.
If there are mice and pests before the device is used, it prevents them from surviving in their holes. They may walk around haphazardly due to the effect of frequency. Sometimes, it may take up to 4-5 weeks for them to abandon the area.
While the device’s area of influence is being mentioned as m2, their “maximum” effect is meant. Our company has the quality and standard certificates such as ISO9001, TSE, CE, ISO14001, SSHYB and official certificate of guarantee approved by TC. Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Technology: Ultrasonic Systems
Coverage area: Up to 70 Square meters
Immunity prevention: With a digital frequency scanner which is not successive against immunity
Power: AC 110–240v. DC 12v
Current: 300mA
Property: Does not include drug or poison
Output: Has 2 different independent output channels
Warranty: 2 years
Operating life: 10 years
Operating position: Works consistently and actively
Pest group: Mouse, mole, squirrel, bat etc..
Product safety: Not harmful to any living things and other devices except the targeted ones.
Frequency range: 25Khz and 40Khz
Angle of scan: 180
Product size: 15cmx21cmx7cm
Sound intensity: 110 db
Product casing: Metal Case
Product weight: 700 g
Product origin: Turkey- Teknopest

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Description of Goods:
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Model Number  Price
TP-70 32 Euro
TP-100 59 Euro
TP-150 79 Euro
TP-250 140 Euro
TP-400 235  Euro

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